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Immigration Fraud! How to Spot Them

Moving to another country can be a tough choice and the immigration application procedures can be a long and arduous process if you are unfamiliar with the immigration process.

Hence the need for most people to hire immigration agents or lawyers, but there is a difference between an agent a lawyer.

The difference is, an agent actually goes through a certification process through the government like you have to write an exam and you have to pass a certain level to be able to legally help people or charge them money to help them migrate to a country.

On the other hand, an immigration lawyer actually goes to law school and they will charge you money by the hour, generally, though agents do not charge you any money they kind of like work more through whatever company or college they will help you get sponsored to and that’s where they normally make their income from.
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So the biggest telltale for immigration fraud or a scam is when an agent tells you that they can sponsor you or help you get sponsored and they can get you at the top of a list and all you have to do is wire them $10,000

The best thing you can do is go on the site for the country for which you want to like apply for and make sure that you choose an agent that is listed on the government website because those are the only legitimate agents that can help you file your papers for that country.

Whereas an immigration lawyer will charge you by the hour so that’s pretty legitimate.

The good thing with an immigration lawyer is that they can actually act as a middleman between you and the country to which you want to apply for.

They will able to communicate with the immigration agency of the country and help you figure out what paperwork is needed what might be missing etc so you’re better-taken care of and that’s why they cost more money an immigration agent.

An immigration agent will just help you and guide you through the process whereas a student migration agent will actually help you complete the paperwork and all that sort of stuff.

However, immigration agents are not as comprehensive as an immigration lawyer

The next tell signs of immigration scam are if a company ever approaches you and say they will sponsor you, and all you have to do is pay like a $1000 or $500 or whatever and we’ll take care of everything else, do not do that it is clearly not legitimate.

No company should be asking you to pay them to sponsor you, it does not work like that.

if you go through a recruitment agency and they find you a company that will sponsor you, they will not ask you for any money that is the company’s responsibility, they have their lawyers who do all the paperwork for you.

Fraudsters and scammers masquerading as immigration agents and lawyers are devising new ways to rip people of their hard-earned money and the best way to avoid their trickery is to check the University website or the countries website to make sure that the agent that you’re going through or talking to is a registered agent with them.


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