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Top Best Six Cities To Settle In Canada As A New Immigrant

So you have applied to come to Canada as a permanent resident, but you don’t know exactly where you should live.

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are some of the most popular Canadian cities, but who knows if those great cities are a place to start a new life.

This list looks at the big cities in Canada that are most accessible to new immigrants

8 Vancouver BC

Vancouver is blessed with one of the best climates in all of Canada, and the largest population center situated in British Columbia Vancouver is surrounded by a body of water.

Vancouver is a destination hub for South Asians and Chinese immigrants, due to the diverse population and growing economy.

When it comes to an active cultural center, a booming social spot, and outdoor living, Vancouver offers the best.

Vancouver is a gem on Canada’s west coast, of the visible minority population in Vancouver, the most represented is the Chinese population 44% followed by the South Asian 24%.
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7: Markham Ontario

Markham is a suburb of North Toronto that is easily accessible from Toronto by transit or highway.

It’s right next door to Richmond Hill, Markham has a high volume of immigrant settlers the largest portion of visible minorities identifying as Chinese 45% the second largest population of visible minorities identify a South Asian 17.8% followed by the black community 2.9% although once known for being an agricultural community Markham now boasts itself as the high-tech capital of Canada

6: Saanich BC

Saanich boasts plenty of variety in landscape and also the largest municipality in Greater Victoria.

The population of Saanich is as culturally diverse as its territory, and for thousands of years has served as home to the First Nations people.

The largest visible minority population in Saanich identify as Chinese 33% with the second-largest identifying a South Asian 25 percent followed by Filipinos 18%.

Employment rates among the immigrant population in Saanich are high and household incomes are also high, although the crime rate has increased in the past four years.

Saanich remains a relatively safe area to settle

5: West Vancouver BC

West Vancouver a suburb of Vancouver is the richest city on this list, the biggest industry sectors in the region are professional services and real estate, and the average household income is pretty high.

Unemployment in West Vancouver is low although housing prices have been increasing in West Vancouver in August 2017 marked a sharp decline.

West Vancouver’s immigrant population makes up 44% of the population the largest group of visible minorities in West Vancouver are Chinese, 35%, the second-largest are west Asians, 25% and the third are Korean 11%

4: Oakville Ontario

Oakville Ontario has had a steadily increasing population over the past few years of the visible minorities the largest percentage living in Oakville identify as South Asian 34%, the second-largest percentage identify as Chinese 18%, followed by the black population 12%.

Unemployment rates are low around 6.1%, although the average rent cost has been on the incline for the past 24 years, despite this increase in housing costs though Oakville remains a solid choice for immigrating families

3: Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Ontario is best known for being the most popular city in all of Canada a large percentage of Toronto’s diverse population are immigrants with almost 50% being foreign-born, unlike many other areas there is no one particular foreign-born group that significantly dominates another.

The ever-increasing Toronto population is expected to reach over 60% visible minorities in the near future.

Currently of the visible minorities in Toronto, the largest percentage identify a South Asian 26%, Chinese 25%, and black 18%.

The average median income for homes in this area has steadily increased since 2010 and the unemployment rate in the area is in decline as income in the area increases, however, so too does rent and cost per square foot of property a place of great multicultural gathering.

Toronto is costly to live in but with secured employment, it puts you right in the heart of the action for Richmond Hill, Ontario.

The population of Richmond Hill has been on the steady incline since 2006 and the vast majority of neighborhoods in the area are labeled as wealthy.

When it comes to visible minorities the largest ethnic group found in Richmond Hill is Chinese 30% of the population after the Chinese West Asian 10.4% and South Asian 7.7% are the second and third largest ethnic groups.

Richmond Hill has one of the highest employment rates in the province, and most of the businesses in the area are smaller employing just a handful of people.

Real estate is a booming industry in this area but housing is not the most affordable, in fact, Richmond Hill ranks in the top 20% highest real estate prices in Canada.

The low crime rate makes this a safe community for families.


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