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Why Do People Love Canada? See 7 Reasons

we’re looking at reasons why you might want to move to the country north of the USA.

To non-Canadians, Canada seems like a magical place where it rains maple syrup, the streets paved with Kraft Dinner, and fevers outnumber the people.

And while Canadians often chuckle at these hilariously super exaggerated stereotypes, the country offers so much more.


A visit to any major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal will make you feel like you are on a global tour.

In the major cities, neighborhoods like Little Italy, Chinatown, and Koreatown can be found and they provide an incredible cultural experience for natives and tourists alike.

but every nationality and background imaginable is spread out throughout the cities too, nothing’s absolute but when it comes down to it most Canadians aren’t afraid of diversity.
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In fact in 2015, and 2016 Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed 25,000 Syrian refugees into the country,

Speaking of the PM, Trudeau’s cabinet proved to be the most diverse ever seen in Canadian politics having an equal number of men and women some minorities and even former refugees.

Abundant Natural Resources

Did you know that without its freshwater lakes, Canada would actually be smaller than the United States or Canada holds seven percent of the world’s renewable water supply, the third-highest next to Brazil and Russia?

The reason isn’t far fetched, Canada is known for its many lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands to count and its incredibly beautiful scenery., not to mention the fact that the northern territories are mostly snow and ice.

in addition, Canada has no shortage of gold, nickel, diamonds, lead, and crude oil which means other countries look to Canada for exports of natural resources thus helping Canada’s economy to thrive.

It’s Not Yet Overpopulated

The population in Canada are over 36 million or so people, and only about two and a half million make up the population of the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

To further clarify, there are about 13 million people residing in the province of Ontario, the major Canadian cities may be overcrowded, but when you think of the whole of Canada, there is plenty of unused space, especially in the lesser populated areas further north.

Low Violence and Crime Rates

Despite the utter friendliness of Canadians, no one is naive enough to believe that the country is without violence and crime.

There are all too often incidents of theft homicide and abductions across the country, but Canada looks like Disneyland compared to crime rates in other countries.

For instance, in 2010 there were 554 cases of murder in Canada, compared to a whopping 12,000 or so in the US, around 25,000 in Mexico and at the top of the list Brazil with approximately 40,000

When it comes to violent crimes, Canada may not be perfect, but what country is?

There may be some unscrupulous ones living among them, but generally, there is no room for hate in Canada.


Canada was the seventh most popular destination for international studies as of 2014.

Why? because international students all over the world specifically travel to Canada to study there.

McGill University located in the city of Montreal is not only one of the top universities in the country it’s also typically ranked within the top 30 universities in the world.

Institutions like the University of Toronto and of British Columbia are also praised for their excellence.

It is Peaceful

You’d be hard-pressed to find a country nursing a major beef against Canada, so what’s there to fight about? Besides, Canadians are generally happy, friendly and accommodating people.

Don’t get it wrong, the Canadian military is certainly considered world-class but Canadians grow up in a country where people of different colors, cultures, religions, and sexualities make up much of the population.

Kindness, peace, acceptance is for the most part ingrained in Canadians from birth, and the country tends to focus its resources on peacekeeping missions than all-out war. However, if they have to fight they will.

Free Healthcare

so the term is rather misleading since health care in Canada isn’t free per se.

What it means is that since Canadians, all pitch in towards health care through taxes the cost of health care becomes significantly cheaper.

The specifics of coverage vary between provinces but its a rule of thumb they get free clinics which sure inevitably lead to long wait times but at least those wait times show that the program is working and people are really taking advantage of the system.

in some other countries, waiting rooms are empty because medical attention is too expensive, and there’s also limited coverage for vision and dental care.

In Canada, the country’s healthcare is practically in the hands of the citizens who able to get the proper healthcare they deserve for almost next to nothing.


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